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Our Mission comes from a tradition of toffee excellence and the desire to frame tradition in modern form. We love discovering delightfully nuanced combinations of flavor and our mission is to share three new flavors with you and yours each holiday


Our Story began over 50 years ago in the beautiful Trinity Alps where toffee was made by hand in small batches. The lucky friends and family who were fortunate enough to be added to the coveted Toffee List received free toffee delivered to their door every year on Christmas day!

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To be on the Toffee List was a badge of honor because the toffee was famously delicious and you couldn’t buy it, it was gifted to you if and only if your name was on the Toffee List! Our story is one that involves two families: one in which the tradition of making toffee originated and the other, who learned the process and built a company around family folklore.

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